Deltares’ CLARIFIER Project: Centrifuge modelling of peat embankments

As part of ‘CLARIFIER: Centrifuge modelling of peat embankments’ which was selected for GEOLAB’s first call for proposals, peat samples have been collected in Norway. These samples were collected 2,000km north of the Deltares facility and are being tested in order to devise an innovative solution in how to construct road embankments in peatlands.  

Marianne Dahl of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration comments:  

“We are interested in improving the understanding of the actual bearing capacity of peat and the application of saw dust as a sustainable and low-cost construction material.” 

These activities are all part of GEOLAB, a research infrastructure project with unique facilities in Europe which studies subsurface behavior and interaction with structures & environment.   

Do you have ideas for other experiments that can contribute to enhancing the resilience of Europe’s critical infrastructure? If you do, you can find more information and apply for GEOLAB’s Second call-for-proposals here 

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