Extension to Applications for GEOLAB’s Third Call for Proposals

The application deadline for GEOLAB’s Third Call for Proposals has now been extended to the 14th of October.

GEOLAB’s Third Call for Proposals presents the opportunity to potential users among academia, SME, and industry to gain access to excellent research facilities in the fields of geotechnical and environmental engineering. Transnational Access is free of charge and includes technical & scientific support from the hosting facility.

This Call for Proposals is an invitation to all eligible organizations to submit a proposal for an experiment to be hosted in one of the GEOLAB facilities. The theme of the present call is: ‘Experiments to validate advances in numerical modelling and data science leading to a better engineering design’.

The programme provides User Groups access free of charge to the facilities for their research project and covers travel and subsistence costs (within prescribed limits) as well. Access is made available for projects, in general not exceeding one month.

If you wish to find out more about the Call for Proposals and apply, please visit the GEOLAB website here: https://project-geolab.eu/call-for-proposals/

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