GEOLAB and the International Conference on Debris Flow Hazard

On June 26th, a member of the GEOLAB team, Miguel Cabrera of TUDelft, was a keynote speaker at the 8th International Conference on Debris Flow Hazard Mitigation in Torino, Italy.

Miguel’s presentation was titled ‘The planar setup: a window through the complex interactions in granular flows’. The presentation explored the utilisation of the planar setup as an alternative for studying simplified processes associated to granular flows. The planar setup consists of two windows separated by a thin gap and enclosing a granular assembly and Miguel presented two examples where the planar setup is adapted for the study of the competing action of segregation and disaggregation in a fractured grain under shear flow, and for the study of the stability scenarios of a flow impacting a permeable obstacle. Both examples are designed to highlight the advantages of the planar setup for the study of granular flows.

If you wish to read the paper, you can access the full version on GEOLAB’s Knowledge Platform here

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