GEOLAB Early Stage Researcher Internship 2022

GEOLAB Early Stage Researcher Internship 2022

In 2022 GEOLAB’s Early Stage Researcher Program had six candidates who carried out placements in a number of GEOLAB facilities including TU Delft’s Geotechnical Centrifuge, University of Cambridge’s Schofield Centre, Deltares’ Model Container and NGI’s Tiller GEOTEST Site.

The candidates’ research projects ranged from subjects such as measuring vertical and horizontal stresses in model piles to modelling offshore wind turbine monopiles in clay subjected to cyclic lateral loading.

The candidates came from all different corners of Europe to carry out their two week placement at their chosen facilities and have given incredibly positive feedback as to their experiences and how it will benefit them going forward in their career.

To find out more about the candidates’ feedback, you can register through GEOLAB’s Knowledge Platform here and you can read about their research projects in great detail via this link. 

Congratulations to all the candidates involved!

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