23rd – 24th FEBRUARY 2021

We are happy to announce the commencement of the new EU research collaborative project GEOLAB. The virtual kick-off event took place on the 23rd  and 24th of February, bringing together an experienced, multi-disciplinary team of experts, who will be working together for the next 48months.

The overarching aim of GEOLAB is to integrate and advance key national research infrastructures towards a one-stop-shop of excellent physical research infrastructure for performing ground-breaking research and innovation to address challenges faced by the Critical Infrastructure of Europe.

The GEOLAB research infrastructure consists of 11 unique installations in Europe aimed to study subsurface behavior and the interaction with structural CI elements (e.g. a bridge) and the environment.

The European consortium consists of six top ranking universities from Cambridge, Delft, Maribor, Darmstadt, Zürich and Nantes, 3 renowned research organisations, i.e. CEDEX, Deltares, and NGI and the consultancy KPMG Future Analytics.

We cover the full spectrum of subsurface behaviour (soil mechanics and hydrogeology), engineering (geotechnical, structural, engineering geology and environmental) and data science (ICT, data analyses and virtual access). Within these disciplines the consortium participants offer access to some of the most advanced installations for experimental research available worldwide.

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