The Knowledge Platform, incorporated into the GEOLAB Website, is an open access platform that will continuously be updated during the project and will contain all the information gathered through the lifetime of the project. It includes the following elements:

  • Guidelines on how to choose a suitable installation for a project and guidelines for the scientific setup of experiments
  • Transnational Access Activities
  • Next Generation Researchers Training Videos and Other Resources
  • Joint Research Activities Resources
  • Networking Activities Insights, Research Depository and Reporting and Success Stories
  • Forums
  • Additional Resources

Upon registration, users will be granted access to the platform and its many features including experiments’ outcomes, collaborative reports and publications, video trainings and tutorials, and users’ manuals. In addition, there will be a virtual community forum where researchers and relevant stakeholders can exchange ideas and information regarding pressing critical infrastructures matters and concerns. Being aware of GDPR rules, registration on the platform will only require the following information: (i) Name; (ii) Position; (iii) Organisation Name; and (iv) Organisational Email.

Click the image below to view the KNOWLEDGE PLATFORM

*Note: Please ensure to ONLY use an organisational email address, any personal email addresses will be rejected*

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