GEOLAB Networking Event 2023!

That’s a wrap on GEOLAB’s Networking Event 2023!

The Networking Event held by Norwegian Geotechnical Institute in Oslo had thought provoking presentations, and panel discussions throughout the day!

On Wednesday 29th November, the Joint Research and Stakeholder Workshops were held with an introduction from Lars Andersen of Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI) along with Ton Peters and Hauke Zachert from the GEOLAB Consortium.

Introduction by Lars Andersen, Managing Director of Norwegian Geotechnical Institute

Following on from introductions, a two-part Innovation Workshop was held, the first of which focused on the challenges on critical infrastructure in Europe due to climate change, extreme weather, geo hazards, ageing and increased usage. Presentations were given by Dr. Axel Ruiken (DEGES), Dr. Gordana Petkovic (NPRA), Cyril Simon (EDF) and Dr. Elmar Wisotzki (TenneT TSO). The second part of the Innovation Workshop focused on looking at the innovative solutions being developed by industry stakeholders and research institutes.   Presentations given by Ton Peters, Dr. Chris Hendriks (GROW), Jaran Raymond Wood (LECA Norge) and Ed Harrison (Emerald Geomodelling). The Innovation Workshop ended with a panel discussion moderated by William Hynes.

The aim of the panel discussion was to ensure the involvement of stakeholders from researchers, critical infrastructure owners and industrial partners to identify challenges and obstacles specific to each sector, highlighting innovation within various sectors on improving resilience in critical Infrastructure.

Innovation Workshop Panel Discussion moderated by William Hynes, Managing Director of KPMG Future Analytics

Next up was the Stakeholder Themed Workshop on Digital Transformation, moderated by Professor Ioannis Anastasopoulos (ETH Zurich) who was joined by representatives from research, critical infrastructure owners and industries including Gert-Jan Schotmeijer (Deltares), Kristoffer Skau (NGI), Joost van’t Schip (ProRail), Dr. Mark Sastuba (DZSF) and Dr. Ingrid. The discussion centered around collaboration in developing and utilising opportunities offered by the digital transformation in critical infrastructure and identifying potential areas of cross network collaboration and advancing this collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Presentation by Ton Peters, Coordinator of GEOLAB

The final session of the day was the the ‘Foresight Study Session on Long Term Science and Technology Development’ which was moderated by Sam Stanier (University of Cambridge) and hosted a panel of experts from academia and industry with experience of technology transfer from research into practice. The expert group of Dr. Guro Grøneng (NGI), Professor David White (University of Southampton), Professor Giulia Viggiani (University of Cambridge) and Dr. Andrea Francesco Rottuno (Italferr) discussed the key drivers for digital transformation and how stakeholders can collaborate in order to facilitate this digital transformation along with future research and development directions perceived to be key for the maintenance of Europe’s Critical Infrastructure from a geotechnical perspective. 

Foresight Study Session on Long Term Science and Technology Development moderated by Sam Stanier of University of Cambridge

The event was extremely informative and thank you to those of you who participated!

To register for access to material  from the event such as PowerPoint presentations and videos, register on the GEOLAB Knowledge Platform here:

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