GEOLAB & the Second Macedonian Road Congress 2022

On the 4th November, 2022, Stanislav Lenart and Bojan Žlender of University of Maribor presented a paper titled ‘Deformation characteristics of lightweight materials and their application in road infrastructure’ at the Second Macedonian Road Congress. This paper (which you can read in full here) was an outcome from GEOLAB’s Transnational Access Project LIWEMAT which you can read about on the GEOLAB website 

Transnational Access (TA) is the backbone of GEOLAB that will lead to ground-breaking research and innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by Critical Infrastructure owners.

The aim of Transnational Access is to equip high-level researchers from across Europe with world class research facilities that can only be found in few European institutions. This is achieved through TA activities, in which access to eleven installations will be provided to eligible User Groups to perform ground-breaking research and innovation using the beyond state-of-the-art advances of the GEOLAB capabilities.

Transnational Access is organised into three rounds, each dedicated to a particular theme. A call for proposals will be published for each TA round. For the evaluation of the proposals and the selection of User Groups, which will be given access to the GEOLAB installations, the infrastructures (facility providers) participating in GEOLAB have agreed to adopt a common User Selection Procedure (USP).

The third round of Call for Proposals is now open to applicants. If you think you have a project or research idea which can contribute to enhancing Critical Infrastructure resilience in Europe, please visit the page here to find out more information about GEOLAB’s Call for Proposals and submit your application. 

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