GEOLAB’s Early Stage Researcher Internship Program is Open!

Applications for GEOLAB’s Early Stage Researchers Internship program are now open!

The Early Stage Researchers (ESR) Internships program offers a unique opportunity to researchers to gain a significant range of experiences and valuable new skills by a stay in the GEOLAB facilities during their experiment programs (Transnational Access Projects (TA)). The applicants can choose the facility where they are interested in staying during the internship program.

These internships will provide unique networking opportunities and broaden the number of ESRs who can participate in GEOLAB activities and learn from the experience within the community. The program will also provide a better understanding of the ins and outs of the GEOLAB installations throughout Europe.

To find out more about the Selection Criteria and apply for the Early Stage Researcher internship program, visit the GEOLAB website here:

Next Generation (NG) of Researchers Initiatives

Closing date for applications is the 31st of May.

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