New Round of Tests In Our GEOLAB Facilities

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Annemiek Meertens, of Deltares and a member of project GEOLAB’s Coordination Team, recently wrote an article on GEOLAB’s User Selection Panel which was published in Deltaresponse, a magazine for Deltares employees. 

The User Selection Panel of EU-project GEOLAB led by project leader Ton Peters has recently chosen a new series of projects for performing tests in the geotechnical facilities of the consortium partners. This time, Deltares has received a total of five proposals for tests in 2023. The selection of these projects was made during GEOLAB’s Networking Event, hosted by consortium partner ETH Zürich in November 2022. During this event also a 2-day training on physical modelling was organized for a large group of next generation researchers.

You can read the full article in PDF format below. 

PDF Download

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