Norwegian Geotechnical Institute is Hiring!

Do you have an advanced degree in geotechnics with insight into instrumentation, robotics, or cybernetics? Would you like to participate in the development of systems for the monitoring of nature and structures, both on land and offshore? Then Norwegian Geotechnical Institute is the workplace for you!

Norwegian Geotechnical Institute – is an internationally renowned center for applied research and consulting in engineering-related geosciences, integrating geotechnical, geological, and geophysical expertise. NGI’s research provides knowledge that strengthens industry and society to solve some of the most critical challenges facing the world related to climate, environment, energy, and natural hazards. 

NGI is seeking a research-minded geotechnical engineer to strengthen and develop their portfolio, focusing on instrumentation and monitoring solutions geared toward geo-applications. Research within geosciences requires data collection from the field to underpin knowledge development.

New technologies like fiber optics, drones, and low-cost sensors open the opportunity for new instrumentation and monitoring strategies to expand current research techniques and output. Machine learning and cloud computation can also reveal new, untapped knowledge and data patterns.

NGI are looking for a researcher within geotechnics with the desire to apply such new technologies to the broader geo-domain. At NGI, you will be allowed to work at each stage of the value chain, from concept generation and hardware instrumentation in the field to processing collected data and dissemination. While the position belongs to the instrumentation and monitoring section, NGI encourage short-term rotation to other sections to facilitate knowledge-sharing. 

If you wish to find out more about what the role requires and apply you can do so here: Geotechnical research engineer with a focus on instrumentation and monitoring (

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