Transnational Access Projects

Transnational Access (TA) is the backbone of GEOLAB that will lead to ground-breaking research and innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by Critical Infrastructure owners.

The aim of Transnational Access is to equip high-level researchers from across Europe with world class research facilities that can only be found in few European institutions. This is achieved through TA activities, in which access to eleven installations will be provided to eligible User Groups to perform ground-breaking research and innovation using the beyond state-of-the-art advances of the GEOLAB capabilities.

Transnational Access Target Audience

  • Scientific Research Community
  • Construction Industry
  • Critical Infrastructure network managers and policy makers

Transnational Access is organized into three rounds, each dedicated to a particular theme. A call for proposals will be published for each TA round. For the evaluation of the proposals and the selection of User Groups, which will be given access to the GEOLAB installations, the infrastructures (facility providers) participating in GEOLAB have agreed to adopt a common User Selection Procedure (USP). As part of the process, The USP will be constituted prior to the beginning of the TA and will provide a pool of reviewers for each round of proposals.

First Call for Proposals

This First Call for Proposals was an invitation to all eligible organizations to submit a proposal for an experiment to be hosted in one of the GEOLAB facilities. The theme of the call was: Experiments that prove innovative solutions to enhance the resilience of the Critical Infrastructure in Europe’


First Call for Proposals Projects

RELERT Project Flyer
JELLYFISH Project Flyer
QC-CEM Project Flyer
LIWEMAT Project Flyer

Second Call for Proposals

This Call for Proposal was an invitation to all eligible organisations to submit a proposal for an experiment to be hosted in one of the GEOLAB facilities. The theme of the call was ‘Experiments to study the pressures on Critical Infrastructure, e.g. impact of climate change, aging, increased usage, extreme weather events and geo-hazards’.


Second Call for Proposals Projects

CLARIFIER Project Flyer
PEBSTER Project Flyer

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